Mary Rendina Photography | Josh & Misty 15 Year Anniversary Vow Renewal

Josh & Misty 15 Year Anniversary Vow Renewal

January 29, 2015  •  3 Comments

Ahhh! This is the premier of my very first "Blog" and I couldn't be more excited than to launch it with the story of Josh and Misty's 15 year anniversary session!

Misty contacted me a few months ago and said I was referred to her by a friend in Montana. Misty explained she and her husband Josh who are parents to six children would be traveling to Las Vegas in January to celebrate their 15 year wedding anniversary.  They got married at a chapel in Vegas and never had wedding portraits done.

 We set a date and time for their session to be done in Nelson at the Ghost Town followed by a stop at the Bellagio.  I referred Misty to Carynn Angelique who happens to be an amazing hair and MUA . Once Misty arrived in Las Vegas we spoke and she explained the wedding the same wedding chapel she and Josh got married in and where she wanted to renew her vows, was trying to triple charge them.  My heart sank for her.   I couldn't get it out of my mind and the more I thought about the more I was determined to make her session an experience of a lifetime.  I called Misty back and told her I was not only a photographer but also a licensed minister and offered her the opportunity to renew their vows during their photo session.  I told her if they wanted to forgo the Bellagio stop after we finished in Nelson, we could go to an amazing location right outside Las Vegas for the vow renewal. It did not take her long to talk to Josh and I was thrilled they both agreed.   I had so much fun planning every detail. I envisioned a bistro table with two chairs, a red table cloth, champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and a bouquet of 24 white and pink roses..  Romantic music and dancing were to follow the vow renewal. 

My assistant Sharon Gales and I picked Josh and Misty up at their hotel.  They looked like they stepped off a cover of a magazine.  Misty wore a beautiful creme colored lace gown from Nordstrom's and Josh a three piece suite to match his bride.   By the time we arrived I knew God had sent me the most amazing clients!  Usually there is a warm up period during the first few shots where the photographer and clients get comfortable enough where the clients relax.  Not with Josh and Misty. From the very first shot their chemistry was electric and Josh seized every opportunity to shower his wife with affectionate kisses and reveled in nuzzling her neck... I have to admit Sharon and I both blushed a few times. He continually whispered into Misty's ear and she laughed.. Misty returned the gesture more than once.  They were amazing!  Josh was a rock star especially when they got stuck in one of the antique cars and we thought for sure they would have to climb out the window to escape.  He persisted and managed to stick his hand down the window jam to unlock the very rusty door...

We arrived at the Dry Lake Bed in time to set up the table, chairs and goodies before the sun began to dip over the horizon.   I handed my camera to Sharon and I performed the vow renewal ceremony but not before Josh almost broke his finger trying to pry his wedding band off...

After the vow renewal the champagne cork was popped and Josh and Misty fed each other chocolate covered strawberries.. (This is where you say awww!)  They then danced to Nora Jones very romantic playlist... And Josh took his handkerchief out of his pocket to wipe away his wife's tears of joy...

Sharon and I shed a few tears as we tried to give them some privacy while still getting the shots I knew they would love to have.  

The session ended with a beautiful sunset. It was everything I had hoped for.  Josh and Misty were such an inspiration of God's love and grace and I was honored to play a very small part in their 15 year anniversary celebration.  

I just may have to start offering vow renewals as part of my photo packages!

Highlights of the session...

Video of all the photos...




Libby Lou Scott Snook(non-registered)
Wow so stunning. So in love! Misty you are absolutely GORGEOUS. Your husband is a very nice looking loving husband. The story made me shed a few tears. Im so very happy for you ALL. God is so wonderful to put the right people together and then to put us in the path of someone who can capture every moment of your passionate renewal and for us to share this moment. God bless you Misty and your wonderful husband and all your beautiful children. Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful moment. I pray too that God will continue to bless you both and your children for so many more loving years. I also, pray that your beautiful story will give light to others whom may feel this is not possible and that they can see that with GOD ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. God bless
BRIDGET WHALEY(non-registered)
ok, now I am teary-eyed and really a mess....I remember when Misty told me she'd 'met somebody'....Lord bless and keep them and surround them with all Your Blessings. They are pretty special people to me. Scott and I love you Misty and Josh!
Sharon Gales(non-registered)
You out did yourself Mary. So many excellent pics. It was such an amazing day. Thank you for letting me be apart of it.
Josh and Misty have a love that is evident to all around them. Makes it easier to take emotion filled pictures.
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